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If it’s not my organized chaos, it has to be perfect. If it’s perfect, I don’t want to mess it up. It’s really best for me to maintain a certain level of constant near chaos. It’s really just cluttered looking organization. Mess with it and I am lost. LOST. With capital letters and whining.

I spent the last day or so cleaning in that ever so popular OCD/ADHD manner. You know where you have really good intentions of putting everything in it’s place. So I start in one corner and find a hair binder that should live in the bathroom. On my way to return it to it’s rightful home, I am distracted by a piece of fabric that should go back to the studio. I’ll save time and pick that up too, since the studio is right off the bathroom. But, now I’ve walked right past the bathroom, and I’ve deposited the hair binder on my sewing table because the piece of fabric I have brought back to the studio coordinates well with something on the ironing board. I never noticed how nice they look together. That would look good with that yellow piece I used in that other thing. Where did I put that? It’s 10 minutes later, I’ve got a nice color combo going for yet another project, and now I can’t find the hair binder. It’s amazing that I actually got my place presentable enough to have a guest. I will tell you more about the guest on Monday.

Right now I need to sew some to save the sanity. Tonight I will be attempting to put some items in my new etsy shop. Neil is hosting an Arts and Crafts thingy next week. I need to get moving!


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