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One of my MCQ quilting friends, Sarah, invited a few of the ladies to luncheon. She had received a generous gift of dinner for 4 on the Minnesota Zephyr. We met at Sharon’s in Minneapolis, and arrived just in the nick of time to catch the train. I was running a little late, and our poor friend Deb, was so under the weather she didn’t know what day it was, ( feel better vibes to Deb ~ ~ ~) so we made a quick call and told Kathy to get out of her pjs, we were on our way. Ten minutes and she was ready to go.

What fun! We were seated in an elegant dining car with lovely vintage china, real table linens, candles, a strolling quartet serenaded us, and the food, oh the food! A 5 course dinner! Shrimp cocktail, wild rice soup, baby green salad with feta cheese and pine nuts, prime rib (literally a half a side of beef) and a slice of cheesecake large to enough to have required it’s own package of cream cheese.

We had a blast, and laughed about many things, but, I don’t think we ever got too out of line. We’ve been nearly kicked out of a Baker’s Square before. Can we help it that we find ourselves funny?

It was kind of a gray day, but that made the passing scenery seem serene ( probably I should think of something not so alliterative, but I’m tired.)

This was the last running of the train for the season? maybe ever? We never heard a definite story. I’m very fortunate to have been able to enjoy it with some terrific friends!


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brunchThe big cold and I slept in this morning. (Unemployment has it’s advantages.) What joy! I slept through the night without any nasty coughing spells where my lungs were nearly redirected to different living quarters!

Since it was really too late to have breakfast after I did some yoga. ( Really, the new me does yoga regularly. ) Ok. I had to make it up ’cause I’ve misplaced the yoga dvd I really like, but I did contortion like exercises for 30, yes, 30 minutes. Then to balance that out I thought I’d have a nice fry up for brunch.

I’ve had a package of bacon in the freezer for almost 3 weeks. That’s 3 weeks of bacon calling my name. I’m only so strong. So I cooked it up crispy, and made some garden eggs to go along with it. I ‘m pretending that the flax seeds I sprinkled on top of the eggs will balance out the bacon. I had yogurt, and a real live garden tomato from my friend Sue as well. It looked nice on my thrifted restaurant dishes, so I took a picture for you.

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