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I have a bunch of things to catch up on today. Including actual laundry. I’ll spare you photos of that.

First off, many, many thanks for the massive love you sent me yesterday on the war project. The MPR interview was like an early Christmas gift. I am humbled.

Next, THANKS! to Gerrie who sent me this delicious hand dyed(with indigo) scarf as part of the Pay It Forward game. You can play too! if you are one of the first 3 commenters, I will make something and send it to you within the next 365 days. I am only doing this for those who comment. I love the e-mails too, but, good grief my comment section is lonely!


Gerrie gets a second round of THANKS! It was on her blog that I saw the flags at Reed College that lead to the big war memorial project. Once again, I am humbled.

Be*mused had a link to a nice tutorial for flying geese blocks yesterday. As promised, here is a photo of a quilt I made a few years ago. I used a very similar method to create this modern take on the traditional. I love how we can start out with a similar idea, use similar methods, and end up with totally different results!


I have more stuff for you, but, not more time right now. I will be gone tomorrow, there might be exciting news by the weekend…….


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I have now officially used up 3 minutes of my alloted 15 minutes of fame.

My other blog,   And Still Counting,  chronicles the progress of a war memorial art quilt that I started last spring.  Last week, Bob Collins from Minnesota Public Radio came to my home and took some photos and interviewed me about the project.  You can check it out here:  MPR

Folks from around the globe are helping out with the project, but, there is always more to be done, and I am always grateful for help!

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I worked retail for many, many years.  Most of the time I really enjoyed it. I’m good with the B. S.  and have a talent for merchandising.  Shoes to  kitchenware to fabric.

The holidays, however were a completely different  tune.  I became burnt and more than a little humbug about them.  To be honest, my retail  friends and I would greet each other during the holidays with, “And a Bah FUCKING Humbug to you too!”  It was bad.

Thank goodness for twinkling holiday lights.  The blue ones especially calm my inner humbug.  If I don’t hear too much holiday music  I get pretty close to having actual holiday cheer.

Things have gotten much better in the last few years.  Every other year my family gets gifts from me.  Wait, wait, on the, “other,” years I do a charity gift on our behalf.   Last year we bought a llama for a family in a developing country.  I made everyone llama ornaments for their trees.  This year I get to go shopping and creating again.  The odd thing is I’m actually in the mood.  The Holiday Spirit.

Neil has the Holiday Spirit as well.  Over at Citizen of the Month he’s hosting an online Arts and Crafts Festival.   You should go.

I’m seriously considering putting up my tinsel tree this year.  Maybe on Saturday.  It’s supposed to SNOW, and that always says Holiday Spirit.

Check back Monday for details on my Public Radio debut……….

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If it’s not my organized chaos, it has to be perfect. If it’s perfect, I don’t want to mess it up. It’s really best for me to maintain a certain level of constant near chaos. It’s really just cluttered looking organization. Mess with it and I am lost. LOST. With capital letters and whining.

I spent the last day or so cleaning in that ever so popular OCD/ADHD manner. You know where you have really good intentions of putting everything in it’s place. So I start in one corner and find a hair binder that should live in the bathroom. On my way to return it to it’s rightful home, I am distracted by a piece of fabric that should go back to the studio. I’ll save time and pick that up too, since the studio is right off the bathroom. But, now I’ve walked right past the bathroom, and I’ve deposited the hair binder on my sewing table because the piece of fabric I have brought back to the studio coordinates well with something on the ironing board. I never noticed how nice they look together. That would look good with that yellow piece I used in that other thing. Where did I put that? It’s 10 minutes later, I’ve got a nice color combo going for yet another project, and now I can’t find the hair binder. It’s amazing that I actually got my place presentable enough to have a guest. I will tell you more about the guest on Monday.

Right now I need to sew some to save the sanity. Tonight I will be attempting to put some items in my new etsy shop. Neil is hosting an Arts and Crafts thingy next week. I need to get moving!

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