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I have strong vein of , “waste not want not” running in me. Combined with the attitude of, “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,” I tend toward a smidgen of packrat. I can’t get rid of something if I can see a potential in it.

I don’t live in a maze of newspapers, but, it wise to give me a head’s up if you want to stop by. That way I can clear a project out of a chair so you have a spot to sit in.

Sometimes I forget about things I’ve squirreled away and get to be surprised by a pleasant find. Yesterday I found a few pieces of PFD (Prepared For Dying) in my fabric stash. I’ve been saving yellow onion skins for quite a while and am going to combine these this afternoon. I can’t wait to see what happens!



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Go check out my most recent post on the war project. The first 10 + % is now hanging!!!

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One of my MCQ quilting friends, Sarah, invited a few of the ladies to luncheon. She had received a generous gift of dinner for 4 on the Minnesota Zephyr. We met at Sharon’s in Minneapolis, and arrived just in the nick of time to catch the train. I was running a little late, and our poor friend Deb, was so under the weather she didn’t know what day it was, ( feel better vibes to Deb ~ ~ ~) so we made a quick call and told Kathy to get out of her pjs, we were on our way. Ten minutes and she was ready to go.

What fun! We were seated in an elegant dining car with lovely vintage china, real table linens, candles, a strolling quartet serenaded us, and the food, oh the food! A 5 course dinner! Shrimp cocktail, wild rice soup, baby green salad with feta cheese and pine nuts, prime rib (literally a half a side of beef) and a slice of cheesecake large to enough to have required it’s own package of cream cheese.

We had a blast, and laughed about many things, but, I don’t think we ever got too out of line. We’ve been nearly kicked out of a Baker’s Square before. Can we help it that we find ourselves funny?

It was kind of a gray day, but that made the passing scenery seem serene ( probably I should think of something not so alliterative, but I’m tired.)

This was the last running of the train for the season? maybe ever? We never heard a definite story. I’m very fortunate to have been able to enjoy it with some terrific friends!

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What a difference a day makes. Whatever evil took over the last couple of days has vanished. I’m not going to say I’m 100% functional, but sitting up without watching the room spin is a good start.

I have worked a bit on my resume, and applied for a couple of things online. Monster wants to know my, “target career title.” Well, so do I. I’m a flexible, intelligent, trainable monkey, and am capable of doing many things. I hate to put myself in one little pigeonhole and miss out on something interesting. I don’t necessarily have to do what I have done before. A new challenge would be nice. I’m going to have to think about this.

I’m going to go work on a new pattern to publish and sell. Can I put famous quilter in the target title?

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Shop Samples

The Leftover Challenge


This is a little challenge pattern I wrote for my friend Lucy’s Quilt shop. I made a shop sample for her, and couldn’t resist turning the leftovers into something fun too. I need to work on photo placement – this seems like the longest post ever.

What can you do with the leftover bits from creating this pattern?

Here’s my story.

I started with the, “Sunset,” pattern from Sunflower Hill Designs. (note: I added an inner border, 2” cut)

The pattern is accurate and easy to follow. As a bonus, you end up with some (I got 96) pieced ½ square triangles, and some 4 ½ “ strips.

I’m not one to let anything go to waste, and nice leftovers are a quilt with half the planning done, right? At the very least you know the fabrics coordinate with one another.

The 4 ½” strips became simple table runners. I added a 1 ½” cut inner border, and a 3” cut outer border in coordinating fabrics. “Very simple, very easy.”


I was so excited about the ½ square triangles, I neglected to spend a bit more time paying attention to sincere accuracy in my piecing. I go for overall effect, so I’m okay with missing a few points here and there. You’ll have to design your leftovers at your comfort level.

The leftover ½ squares will create spinning blocks that spin in both directions. I made 8 blocks that were pinwheels, and 20 blocks that were paddlewheels. I have both kinds of blocks spinning in both directions. Because the fabrics are fairly low in contrast, the paddle wheel blocks look a little more like diamond in a square blocks.




Since I had blocks that were going in different directions and things just wouldn’t fly for a pinwheel/ paddlewheel secondary block variation, I decided to try a variation of a Trip Around the World quilt. My two styles of blocks each, “read,” like one style of block when something was placed in between.

I “fussy cut,” the circles (2 ½” squares) and surrounded them with 2 ½” strips. I trimmed both the paddle/pinwheel blocks and the alternate blocks to be 5 ½”. The setting triangles were pieced to form an interior border. A 3 1/2” square cut on the diagonal, is sewn to an 8” x 3” strip. I folded the strip in ½ to mark the center, position the triangle,  sew and trim. I know there is probably a more mathematical solution, where I could make a template and be more conservative with my fabric, but, it would be mathematical and involve math.


I laid everything out on my design wall, and pieced the diagonal rows together. I had thought that the stripe would be enough of an outer border, but, it just wasn’t quite right. So, I added a 4 ½” outer border that really frames it nicely, and pushes your eye through the quilt.


This photo came out awfully dark, but the border really does look good. Now, I challenge you to show your leftovers!

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I have now officially used up 3 minutes of my alloted 15 minutes of fame.

My other blog,   And Still Counting,  chronicles the progress of a war memorial art quilt that I started last spring.  Last week, Bob Collins from Minnesota Public Radio came to my home and took some photos and interviewed me about the project.  You can check it out here:  MPR

Folks from around the globe are helping out with the project, but, there is always more to be done, and I am always grateful for help!

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The word for the day will apparently be SNOW. We’ve been getting notice for days of impending whiteness.

I can’t feel obligated to get dressed and out of the house, because the folks on the radio keep telling me to stay put. Anything I want to do today can be done in my jammies.

I have a shop sample for my friend Lucy’s quilt shop to work on. Then I have to sit down and design the idea that is in my head for my family’s holiday gifts. It’s good to be a quilter on a snowy day.

Don’t forget to stop by Neil’s for his Arts and Crafts Festival. Check out the things in my Etsy shop too.

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