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Go check out my most recent post on the war project. The first 10 + % is now hanging!!!


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Sometimes you get what you ask for.  Even when it’s not necessarily what you thought you meant.  I wanted permission from the universe to be done with something.  I said I would need a significant sign that I’m headed in the right direction to continue.  S.F.D.  I know it’s all good, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.

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detail of the memorial project

So, this blog is my safe place where I can whine about things I try to stay upbeat about on my other blog. Ok, not so much upbeat, as much as I just don’t like to express how utterly sad and overwhelmed I get about the war, and the project I have undertaken. My mom reads the other blog, and she would worry too much if she knew how negatively this affects me sometimes. My other blog is at http://andstillcounting.blogspot.com and chronicles the progress of a fiber art memorial I started last spring.

You can read about the progress of the project (and sign up to help! PLEASE!!) over there. Over here I need to say that there are about 300 completed blocks in my home. Each block represents 213 deaths. That means I have the symbolic representation of 63,900 souls in my living room.

Most of the time I hold up alright with that. I had a big break about it this summer. I cried and cried when I realized how much death this is. We had some talks, those blocks and I. They know that my intentions are honorable and I don’t mean to exploit them. I simply want them to be remembered. I want us to stop and think about what responsibility we have as a nation. As citizens of the world.

But, it is so much. The war debt is up to 1.9 TRILLION dollars. Are there numbers after trillion? ( I know there are, but, for the life of me I don’t want to know how to count that high.) I have reached a saturation point. I can’t listen to the news without having panic attacks. I listen to a story about a soldier who died, and know that he rests on my living room floor. At times I can find comfort in that, but, mostly it makes me sad these days.

I need to be doing more PR for this so that it can get out and be seen now that it is of a significant quantity, but I am so tired of it I can barely talk about it. Every time I decide to pack it all in, something happens from out of nowhere to encourage me, so, it seems like this is something I just need to figure out how to do.

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