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This is a piece that is most unlike the rest of my work. It was made after 9/11, during the anthrax scare. At the time, I worked in the mailing department of my company, and was absolutely terrified of anthrax. I know it was ridiculous. I knew it then.  But I just couldn’t shake it.

I had worked at an abortion clinic that actually had been bombed, (it was a small bomb and caused very little damage, but still…) and infiltrated by protesters, none of which caused me excessive anxiety. I was certainly more threatened in my tenure at the clinic than I was handling a few postal totes everyday.

Perhaps it was  easier to control my anxiety at the clinic because I knew I was working for something I really feel strongly about.  Control of my body is my right, and my responsibility.

My job at the clinic was always one of my favorite jobs.  Interesting, and challenging work, standing up for something I believe in.

Today is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  It saddens me that we are still having to fight so hard to maintain what should be a fundamental right for women.  We don’t offer honest sex education to our children,  some pharmacists think it’s ok to deny morning after meds, and in some cases birth control to women.  More stuff I will never understand.

Women are strong and intelligent beings who deserve the right to control our own destinies as we see fit.


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